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BIY Services


Tender, negotiation, trading & management of Electricity, Gas & Water contracts. Giving you the best options at the best times in the market in line with your requirements. 

Net Zero

Focusing on making your Net Zero targets an investment rather than a cost. We seek to understand your relationship with carbon before structuring a ‘best route’.


Nationwide installation of energy & carbon reduction technologies, such as LED lighting, EV chargers, HVAC, BMS, Infrared heating, and Power factor correction. 


Providing new connections, sub metering and software to help you monitor and create bespoke reports on energy cost and consumption on a meter by meter basis.


Offering full management of legislative compliance affecting your business. Our team of highly qualified experts cover SECR, ESOS, IS0 50001, CCA, DECs, EPC, TM44.


Installation & sourcing of a wide range of energy generation technology & assets from Solar to CHP. We provide a range of options to best suit your needs.

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BIY delivers savings, renewable energy plans and reduced carbon footprints for our customers.

Built on decades of experience in business energy, BIY Energy offers a wide range of services, products & advice that save businesses time & money. BIY Energy's bespoke solutions incorporates technologies such as solar, LED lighting and heat pumps.

The Benefits

  •   Tailored solutions for your specific business needs
  •   Knowledge and guidance from experienced professionals
  •   Assistance in navigating complex energy markets and regulations
  •   Help with contract negotiation and management
  •   Ongoing support and monitoring to ensure continued savings
  •   Increased competitiveness and sustainability for your business.